These articles reflect implementation experiences we have made along the way.

Why use a CRM platform for Fundraising and why should this be Salesforce and NPSP+?

The question is, why would you use a CRM platform for fundraising and why should this platform be Salesforce rather than any other technology.

October 29, 2020

The Unknown State in Digital Transformations. The Importance of Human Emotion.

Almost every organisation considers a digital transformation to be a transition from a known current state to a (somewhat) known future state. In reality, there is a third state that must be navigated through before arriving at your actual future state; the Unknown State.

October 29, 2020

Marketing: The cost of not focusing on it. You need to be where your donors are.

Ask yourself this: as a nonprofit organisation, who is your real competition? Your technology transformations must consider your marketing strategy or you are at risk of missing your donors.

October 29, 2020