Greenpeace East Asia
August 2019

How we helped Greenpeace digitally transform and evolve their fundraising

Greenpeace is the leading independent campaigning organisation that uses peaceful protest and creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems and promote solutions that are essential to a green and peaceful future, receiving over 95% of their funding from individual donors.


Fundraising, Payments, Supporter Engagement, Adoption

Technical Platforms

Salesforce, Stripe Payment Gateway, Marketing Cloud


Regular Donors being managed

Payment Success

Increase in Payment Success

Project Overview

The Greenpeace team was looking to replace their existing fundraising systems across three regions, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea, to more closely align with how their supporters are engaging and advocating. In addition to this, reliable payment processing of a substantial regular gift donor community was imperative to sustained success well into the future. The cohesive connection of fundraising, donor engagement, marketing, and online presence was a powerful strategic driver in the need to implement a new digital solution.


Vertic was engaged to drive the technical implementation of the selected Salesforce digital platform. This involved defining the eventual end user experience, organisational data model, payment structures, failed transactions retry models, as well as all relevant marketing segments and journeys. The vast majority of solution designs were determined using workshops, software demonstrations, building on experience, as well as complementing this with software services as appropriate.

Vertic's team, in very close partnership with the Greenpeace stakeholders and subject matter experts, was involved in the following project activities:

  • Workshops, Ideas Sharing, Software Demonstrations, Showcases
  • Configuration of multiple Markets (Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea) and multiple Currencies
  • Technical Development, Payment Gateway Integration, Solution Configuration
  • Data Migration, Solution Training, Go-Live Support, Production Support


This complete digital transformation was delivered within a 14 months timeframe to enable Greenpeace to have a truly connected digital environment across all three regions, a consistent and personalised approach to supporter engagement as well as compliance with security and government regulations. In addition to this, the following benefits have been realised:

  • An engaged supporter relations team using the newly established digital platforms to engage with supporters
  • A payment system that is reliable, secure, trustworthy, and scalable as the donor base grows
  • A fully integrated marketing campaign management solution that automates a number of supporter journeys via preferred channels
  • An online self-service environment in which supporter, telemarketing fundraising agencies, and donors can manage their own profiles, transactions, and statements

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

"Vertic have been professional and transparent throughout our implementation. The team connected very well with the Vertic guys and communication was open and always to the benefit of Greenpeace. I would happily recommend Vertic to any social organisation."

Alan Chan
Deputy Director - Head of Data, Insights & Strategy

“Vertic and Salesforce have taken the Good Friday Appeal into the 21st Century.”

Anne Randall
Managing Director at GFA (until 2020)

“Vertic has allowed us to develop a solution to understand the full profile of our customer and meet our organisational needs. The Salesforce platform enables us to engage much more meaningfully for our stakeholders.”

Dianne Lucas
Chief Executive Officer

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