Kids Under Cover
April 2018

How we helped Kids Under Cover respond to the needs of young adults to homelessness.

Kids Under Cover responds to young people at risk of becoming homeless due to severe overcrowding within the family home, mental health issues, and the housing affordability crisis with an early-intervention approach to preventing youth homelessness by combining housing & scholarships for young people at-risk.


Fundraising, Payments, Supporter Engagement, Volunteers

Technical Platforms

Salesforce Core, Community Cloud, EziDebit Payment Gateway

Number of Cars

Total Monthly Car Donations

Live Studios

Annual Studio Developments

Project Overview

Kids Under Cover found themselves in a situation in which multiple and separate applications were delivering their business and system processes. This meant the team was digitally disconnected and information was hard to consolidate into a single view of a client.

In addition to this, marketing and payment solutions had aged and not supporting new ways of engaging with donors, clients, and supporters. A detailed search for a centralised digital solution was commenced and, following an exhaustive look at all available technologies, Salesforce was selected as the key CRM platform alongside Vertic to implement this significant transformation.


In partnership with Vertic, Kids Under Cover has evolved their approach to fundraising and digitalised the Studio and Scholarship application processes, allowing Kids Under Cover staff to focus more heavily on their passion of assisting young people in need, rather than administrative constraints.

An extensive fundraising module was implemented to support the Kids Under Cover team, covering a wide range of campaigns and income areas, including the Donate Your Car campaign which is the backbone of their fundraising strategy.

A Salesforce Community was implemented to support their operational team, allowing partner organisations and customers to input data directly into their Salesforce system via a structured user experience targeted at multiple audiences, supporting - community fundraising, studio applications from partner Community Service Organisations, scholarship applications from schools and households.


This implementation was successfully completed within a 6 months timeframe to deliver substantial digital transformation which has included the ability to:

  • Process Donations securely online and securely
  • Submit Applications for Accomodation online and securely
  • Donate a car online including the secure submission of photos

The Kids Under Cover team have become a centralised team with the capability to drive data insights & analytics, engage with supporters using dedicated and personalised communications, as well as have complete visibility of the accomodation development process across all programs. A significant number of existing single-purpose applications were decommissioned to simplify their digital environment.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

"Vertic have been professional and transparent throughout our implementation. The team connected very well with the Vertic guys and communication was open and always to the benefit of Greenpeace. I would happily recommend Vertic to any social organisation."

Alan Chan
Deputy Director - Head of Data, Insights & Strategy

“Vertic and Salesforce have taken the Good Friday Appeal into the 21st Century.”

Anne Randall
Managing Director at GFA (until 2020)

“Vertic has allowed us to develop a solution to understand the full profile of our customer and meet our organisational needs. The Salesforce platform enables us to engage much more meaningfully for our stakeholders.”

Dianne Lucas
Chief Executive Officer

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