Spinal Cord Injuries Australia
April 2019

How we helped Spinal Cord Injuries Australia understand their NDIS Customer Profile

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia is a for-purpose organisation working for people living with spinal cord injury (SCI) and other physical disabilities. SCIA was founded by people with SCI over 50 years ago; people with disability make up over 25% of SCIA's team and the majority of their board lives with spinal cord injuries.


Design Consulting, Technical Development, Ongoing Support

Technical Platforms

Salesforce Core, Salesforce Community Cloud, PRODA

Active Members

Active Members

Active NDIS Clients

Active NDIS Clients

Project Overview

Spinal Cord Injuries Australia  had, over many years, introduced specific digital solutions to solve the challenges at the time. This is not an uncommon scenario but led this organisation to having multiple systems in place with customer and program information largely de-centralised. This has meant disconnected information, and inability to report, and costly historical software maintenance costs.


Vertic's relationship with Spinal Cord Injuries Australia is long-standing and has seen the evolution of the Salesforce digital platform over many years. Vertic continues to work with SCIA across several departments to optimise business process with suitably designed system solutions, key areas have included Customer Connect (Call Center), Marketing, Fundraising, Finance and Service Delivery. Vertic continues to offer the following services to SCIA:

  • Ongoing Strategic Consulting services to guide, advise, and challenge the SCIA team into the future
  • Existing Solution Support to ensure the Salesforce platform is well placed and scaleable to deal with tomorrow's requirements
  • Advancing the NDIS Services Integration combining Billing, Service Delivery, and Plan Management


The benefits of introducing Salesforce to Spinal Cord Injuries Australia are significant and include the ability to report on the complete customer profile and automate the most common background tasks to allow the team to focus on engagement. With the introduction of NDIS, the Salesforce implementation continues to evolve to help better support the financial processes of the organisation, ultimately leading to improved client services, including:

  • A complete and comprehensive understanding of the Customer Profile
  • A truly connected digital solution spanning across all organisational teams within SCIA


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

"Vertic have been professional and transparent throughout our implementation. The team connected very well with the Vertic guys and communication was open and always to the benefit of Greenpeace. I would happily recommend Vertic to any social organisation."

Alan Chan
Deputy Director - Head of Data, Insights & Strategy

“Vertic and Salesforce have taken the Good Friday Appeal into the 21st Century.”

Anne Randall
Managing Director at GFA (until 2020)

“Vertic has allowed us to develop a solution to understand the full profile of our customer and meet our organisational needs. The Salesforce platform enables us to engage much more meaningfully for our stakeholders.”

Dianne Lucas
Chief Executive Officer

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