The Disability Trust
April 2020

How we helped the Disability Trust build a NDIS Management Solution

Based in NSW, Victoria and the ACT, the Disability Trust is committed to providing highly professional care and support to people with disabilities and their families. The Disability Trust has its roots firmly in the community, and in recent years we have grown substantially, and now have approximately 1,700 permanent and casual staff providing care for more than 4,000 clients.


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Project Overview

The Disability Trust had experienced significant growth and needed a more connected solution for the management of enquiries (a requirement under NDIS standards) as well as expanding plan management and quoting requirements. An extensive evaluation was undertaken and Salesforce, together with Vertic, was selected for the following reasons:

  • A platform approach was preferred over specialised application. This would support better scalability and automation.
  • Salesforce was deemed to be the most appropriate digital platform available in the market due to ease of adoption and power of native features
  • Vertic demonstrated the relevant experience in the social sector and a suitable implementation methodology to meet the requirements


Vertic was engaged to assist The Disability Trust (TDT) in the current Salesforce digital transformation the organisation is undertaking.  The first phase of the transformation has gone live and has delivered the functionality briefly described below. Being a high volume, customer engaging business, TDT had a need to streamline the enquiry management elements of the business. In order to do this, Salesforce Service Cloud was implemented as the primary tool for Customer Service users to handle and respond to inbound enquiries across a wide range of channels, including phone and email.

Service Cloud was configured with call flows and scripts to support Customer Service users with standardised responses to common enquiries such as new plan discussions, variations and renewals.  Enhanced escalations and intelligent assignments have also been enabled to further streamline the process.

From a Plan Management perspective, Salesforce Opportunities are used to support the budget generation and quoting process, with the addition of streamlined Product and Price entry flows to manage Support Items.  The NDIS Product Catalogue has been made available and ensures a single source of truth of adding and managing Categories, Support Items, and Pricing.


The introduction of Salesforce to the Disability Trust has yielded substantial efficiencies in the way clients are managed, their data is being stored, as well as reported on. The Disability Trust team has gotten a significant amount of time back by automating a range of commoditised tasks, such as invoice creation and case escalations. In more strategic terms, the following was achieved:

  • A truly connected Digital Environment to manage a Client Profile across Organisational Engagements
  • Advanced Data Insights and Analytics to drive Outcomes and Next Best Actions
  • Full Traceability from initial contact to action for any given Client across the Engagement Cycle

Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

"Vertic have been professional and transparent throughout our implementation. The team connected very well with the Vertic guys and communication was open and always to the benefit of Greenpeace. I would happily recommend Vertic to any social organisation."

Alan Chan
Deputy Director - Head of Data, Insights & Strategy

“Vertic and Salesforce have taken the Good Friday Appeal into the 21st Century.”

Anne Randall
Managing Director at GFA (until 2020)

“Vertic has allowed us to develop a solution to understand the full profile of our customer and meet our organisational needs. The Salesforce platform enables us to engage much more meaningfully for our stakeholders.”

Dianne Lucas
Chief Executive Officer

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