Kurrajong Disability Services
August 2022

How we partnered with Kurrajong Disability Services to empower NDIS Participant Engagement.

If there’s any Australian organisation that’s synonymous with meeting the needs of those with a disability, it’s Kurrajong. Building on a 60-year legacy of social justice, Kurrajong supports, empowers and advocates for disabled Australians and their families. Vital to these efforts are the close relationships Kurrajong employees build with both the individual and the community.


NDIS Acquisition and Onboarding, Service Agreements, Fundraising

Technical Platforms

Salesforce, Maica, NDIS Digital Systems

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Project Overview

The growing range of support options that Kurrajong offers to over 1100 clients aged 0-65 include lifestyle choices, supported living and employment, school leavers programmes and Therapy Plus. As Kurrajong’s Christine Priest, general manager of digital business and strategy, says “we want people to live the life of their choice, and make a more inclusive society for everyone”. For clients, these initiatives are life-changing.Since the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the pandemic, and recent significant growth, Kurrajong’s business-as-usual was proving too unwieldy for comfort. Properly satisfying imperatives, whether internally, regulatory or client-based was going to require a fresh approach.


Vertic has been partnering with Kurrajong to implement the Salesforce digital platform for enablement of their NDIS intake, assessment, and plan management. This involved many enjoyable trips to Wagga Wagga, meeting and brainstorming ideas with the team on how to be more responsive, empathetic and efficient when engaging with participants. Kurrajong’s relationship with Vertic is close-knit and ongoing. Not only has Vertic successfully implemented Salesforce so that all relevant Kurrajong employees can benefit from its use, but they have also empowered those employees to take over specific aspects of CRM maintenance – such as reports and layout customisation.


The more this relationship continues, the more Vertic will equip Kurrajong with the means to manage their Salesforce ecosystem without regular need for assistance. Which means a better functioning system, lower costs for Kurrajong, and more time and money to put to further good. We have a number of programs of work in flight to continue to improve the way Kurrajong Disability Services operates, engages, and ultimately positively contributes to the wellbeing of their participants and the larger community.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

"Vertic have been professional and transparent throughout our implementation. The team connected very well with the Vertic guys and communication was open and always to the benefit of Greenpeace. I would happily recommend Vertic to any social organisation."

Alan Chan
Deputy Director - Head of Data, Insights & Strategy

“Vertic and Salesforce have taken the Good Friday Appeal into the 21st Century.”

Anne Randall
Managing Director at GFA (until 2020)

“Vertic has allowed us to develop a solution to understand the full profile of our customer and meet our organisational needs. The Salesforce platform enables us to engage much more meaningfully for our stakeholders.”

Dianne Lucas
Chief Executive Officer

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