Navman Salesforce navigation

A whole new way to visually navigate Salesforce.

Navman enables you to easily navigate your Salesforce hierarchy and visually experience your data. You can add new records, delete existing ones, as well as edit any selected record without ever needing to leave the Navman application.

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true visual navigation

You can now navigate your Salesforce platform more deeply.

Salesforce allows you to develop complex and powerful data relationships and connections. This can be a very powerful tool when wanting to track relationships, sales, service, or any other valuable information.

The challenge with this are these very complexities and how to effectively navigate these. We have developed the Navman application to ease the burden of navigating complex data hierarchies visually and manage all your relationships from a single place.

Step 1


Visual navigation using our unique diagram-style canvas to browse through your Salesforce solution platform.

Step 2

Data Management

Add, delete, and navigate individual records directly from the Navman canvas without the need to leave.

Step 3


Configure what data fields you want to see when clicking on a node based on your preferences.

get the app

Navman is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

You can go to the Salesforce AppExchange to install the Navman application directly into your Salesforce platform.

Go to the Salesforce AppExchange now
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