digital fundraising solution

Maica empowers a truly digitally connected NDIS Organisation.

We empower your team to manage the entire participant lifecycle including Acquisition, Onboarding, Service Agreements & Bookings, Workforce Management & Scheduling, as well as Invoice and NDIS Claim Management.

We have complemented these significant capabilities with secure online self-service functions for your stakeholders by deeply integrating Salesforce, the world’s leading CRM platform, with the Australian Government’s NDIS Systems to offer you unprecedented levels of capability and processing security.

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solution architecture

The NDIS Lifecycle.

The NPSP+ automates reliable and scalable payments, machine learning-driven retries, receipt management, refunds, marketing engagement, audience segmentation, the ability to create your own donation pages, as well as enable self-service functions for your stakeholders.

Financial Plan Management

We enable your organisation to effectively manage participant plans, service activities, invoices, product, categories and payments. We automatically issue payment requests to PRODA and, when approved, these are added to a daily configurable banking file for payment.

Service Delivery

We provide you with the ability to schedule your team to deliver services to your clients, map their route, and automatically match the most qualified and available team members to the right service requirements. This is complemented by a comprehensive set of case management and mobility capabilities.

Marketing Engagement

Relevant and engaging stakeholder interactions are more critical than ever and our solution provides you the tools to create meaningful prospect, provider and participant journeys as well as audience segments. Communicate the right message at the right time to the right stakeholders using best of breed technology platforms.

Data Insights & Analytics

The ability to provide data analytics and insights to your organisation is a key benefit of digital implementation. The NDIS+ solution offers a range of pre-built reports & dashboards. This includes reporting on pan budgets, service activities, categories, as well as a range of other pre-built reports.

Online Self-Service

You can now empower your participants and providers to self-manage in a secure and authenticated environment, which dramatically reduces administrative overhead, processing errors, and allows your team to focus on quality of service rather than repetitive work.

NDIS PRODA Connectivity

The NDIS+ solution is natively connected to Australian Government’s NDIS Systems using the published API to ensure we can surface results to you in real time without the need for complex file exchanges. We have developed a connection to all available APIs to ensure ease of use when managing your security.

omni-channel engagement

You can now reach your participants via their preferred channels.

Consumer behaviour is changing, your stakeholders are engaging in an ever-expanding range of channels, including social, digital, and online.

Participants (and other stakeholders) expect their messages and communications to be relevant, concise, and meaningful. We offer you the tools and solutions to create powerful and engaging stakeholder journeys across many channels. You are now able to interact with your stakeholders based on behaviour, capability, preferences, and their responses to your marketing communications; all via automated journeys.

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Step 1

Onboarding and Plan Management

Plan capturing and setup, budgets, participant spend, service categories and appointments.

Step 2

Service Delivery and Scheduling

Service activities, resource management, scheduling, and service notes.

Step 3

Invoice and Payment Management

Provider invoice management, line item management, payment request approvals (via PRODA).

Our Process

A solution that truly covers the participant lifecycle.

We have extended the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack to enable acquisition, nurturing, engagement, and care of supporters across the entire lifecycle.

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