client management platforms

Intelligently designed customer-focused digital platforms.

The digital world is becoming more relevant than ever with today's consumers. A growing list of digital channels, customer choices and engagement personalisation means that customer-focused organisations need to deeply understand their stakeholders.

Salesforce stands alone in the CRM market as the leading digital platform based on reliability, scale, integration capabilities, configurability, as well as a comprehensive application store.

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The Salesforce ecosystem

Best of Breed.

The Salesforce Ecosystem offers your organisation an unparalleled ecosystem of digital components to empower the entire customer lifecycle. We haven proven experience in designing, implementing, and enabling these technologies.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Manage leads more effectively. Monitor pipeline more accurately. Automate administrative tasks, and close more deals faster with the world's most trusted sales force automation software.

Salesforce Service Cloud

Unify all your channels on the world’s first all-digital engagement platform, including contact centre to the field, deliver industry-leading customer service management.

Salesforce Pardot

Pardot is a marketing automation solution that helps companies create meaningful connections, generate more pipeline, and empower sales to close more deals.

Salesforce Einstein

Empower everyone with built-in intelligence to engage with empathy, increase productivity, and scale customer experiences.

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Experience Cloud helps organisations build websites, portals, mobile apps, and many other digital touch points to engage with customers.

Salesforce Mulesoft

The easiest way for business teams to connect apps and data and go digital faster by building powerful and configurable system integrations.

omni-channel engagement

You can now reach your supporters via their preferred channels.

Consumer behaviour is changing, your stakeholders are engaging in an ever-expanding range of channels, including social, digital, and online.

Donors (and other stakeholders) expect their messages and communications to be relevant, concise, and meaningful. We offer you the tools and solutions to create powerful and engaging stakeholder journeys across many channels.You are now able to interact with your stakeholder’s based on behaviour, preferences, and their responses to your marketing communications; all via automated journeys.

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Step 1

Define the Human Experience

People are at the forefront of technology, whether as consumers or end users. This is, by far, the most important consideration in digital transformations.

Step 2

Design Intelligently and Empower People

Intelligently design and apply human-centred design principles to build a useable, sustainable, scalable and enjoyable digital experience.

Step 3

Implement with Quality & Ensure Adoption

Ensure the highest technical standards govern the technical development process and ensure your team and customers are part of the journey.

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