we have a strong vision

We are driven by strong principles and human focus.

At Vertic, we are driven by strong vision and mission statements to ensure that we remain aligned to our core purpose. We are committed to continuous improvement, learning, and extraordinary service to our clients.

Vision Statement

Empower those who help others to build true Social Equality.

Mission Statement

We use truly connected digital technology solutions to enable the social sector to care for those who need it and reduce operational costs significantly.

Statement of Commitment

Vertic is committed to quality, honesty, and a continuous quest for ensuring nonprofit organisations can improve their operational and strategic ambitions. 

We are committed to quality, endeavour, effort, attention to detail, honesty, professionalism and to act in the best interests of our clients throughout an implementation with Vertic.

Technical Statement

We strive to use only the most advanced and suitable technical platforms to deliver our solutions. Our work is based exclusively on the Salesforce digital platform along with all associated technical solutions within this ecosystem.

We are committed to professionally accredit our team as well as remain at the highest partnership level with Salesforce.

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