Digital Transformations, your way.

We focus on the human journey to empower customer-focused and digitally ambitious organisations to transform themselves with relevance, empathy, and ultimately organisational success.

It's all about people, all the time.

As we continue to integrate digital systems into various aspects of our lives, it is crucial to prioritise the human experience in our implementation.

Human emotional and ethical considerations should be at the forefront to ensure that technology serves humanity rather than the other way around.

By focusing on user needs, accessibility, and the preservation of human values, we create digital solutions, using Maica and Salesforce, that not only drive efficiency but also enhance the overall well-being of individuals.

Our Sector Focus Areas

We are very proud of our deep knowledge of these sectors which we have developed in partnership with our wonderful clients over many years.

NDIS & Aged Care

NDIS & Aged Care including budgeting, scheduling, and billing.

Animal Welfare

Animal Welfare including adoption, animal care, and protection.

Fundraising & Social

Fundraising including payments, donations, and marketing.

Digital Solutions have become puzzles not canvases.
We offer you the pieces for vision.

Project Management & Governance

We use project management methodologies that work, are based on best practise and practical experience as well as stay focused on what is important, your success.

Digital Solution Architecture

Digital puzzles can be complex with many solutions available to you. We have the technical experience to inform your digital ecosystem and help you make the right decisions.

Healthcare Sector Knowledge

The healhcare sector can be complex and challenging; by focusing for many years on learning its digital landscape, we have gained the experience to drive your success.

Deep Implementation Experience

We have been implementing Salesforce for over 12 years and have seen what works but also what doesn't, specifically in the healthcare and social sectors.

Ongoing Technical Support

Our relationship with you does not end at the conculsion of an implementation where we offer you ongoiong technical and consulting support; we call this your journey.

Industry Informed Applications

We have developed our own healthcare sector application, Maica, exclusively developed in partnership with healthcare organisations and built on the Salesforce platform.
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How do we measure success?

Digital solutions must fundamentally be driven by the desired end user experience to ensure adoption and long-term sustainability.
The Human Change Journey recognises the emotions, fears, and excitement your team will face when implementing digital solutions.
Intelligently designed solutions must provide your team with benefits beyond simply offering your new technologies and systems.
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