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We focus on the human journey to empower customer-focused and digitally ambitious organisations to transform themselves with relevance, empathy, and ultimately organisational success.

Our philosophy in a nutshell

If we don't focus on people, we are missing the point.

We believe that digital transformations overwhelmingly are a human experience. We focus our entire implementation methodology on this critical ingredient to success.

Human-Centred Design

Digital solutions must fundamentally be driven by the desired end user experience to ensure adoption and long-term sustainability.

Human Change Journey

The Human Change Journey recognises the emotions, fears, and excitement your team will face when implementing digital solutions.

Intelligent Solutions

Intelligently designed solutions must provide your team with benefits beyond simply offering your new technologies and systems.

Our solutions

Digital Solutions have become puzzles not canvases. We offer you the pieces for vision.

Digital Enablement has become a process of consuming the services needed and connecting these in a meaningful way rather than building applications and incurring technology debt.

the secret to success

The Human Journey: Ensuring Adoption and Change Success.

We believe that software implementations fail largely due to the neglect of human considerations as well as poor design thinking patterns rather than the technology itself.

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Kurrajong Disability Services

How we partnered with Kurrajong Disability Services to empower NDIS Participant Engagement.

If there’s any Australian organisation that’s synonymous with meeting the needs of those with a disability, it’s Kurrajong. Building on a 60-year legacy of social justice, Kurrajong supports, empowers and advocates for disabled Australians and their families. Vital to these efforts are the close relationships Kurrajong employees build with both the individual and the community.

Years Kurrajong has delivered Services
The size of the Team
Kids Under Cover

How we helped Kids Under Cover respond to the needs of young adults to homelessness.

Kids Under Cover responds to young people at risk of becoming homeless due to severe overcrowding within the family home, mental health issues, and the housing affordability crisis with an early-intervention approach to preventing youth homelessness by combining housing & scholarships for young people at-risk.

Total Monthly Car Donations
Annual Studio Developments
the secret to success

Reclaim your time and attention. We work backwards from the human experience with technology.

The benefits of technology are wide-ranging from automation, analytics, and process execution. Digital transformation aim to achieve efficiencies and reductions in manual work. To us, however, the single most important outcomes of any digital strategy are improving your stakeholder's engagement with you as well as giving you time back to focus on this engagement.

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Leveraging Technology in the Social Sector. Reclaim your time and attention.

It works out, the benefits of technology are not technical at all. They are overwhelmingly human. Your technology selection, implementation, and adoption process should be driven by how well the above human factors can be achieved. This means, in many ways, that the coolest technology or the most powerful technology for any given function is not always the right choice.

October 29, 2020

Going Digital? Think about your data before your processes!

To us, your organisational data model is your software floor plan and the relationships, reporting requirements, performance, and relevance the inputs into this model. This article discusses the validity of focusing on your organisational data in preference of system processes initially and why this will underpin your digital solutions well into the future.

October 29, 2020

Salesforce: Why code when you can go with the flow?

This story comes in the form of an interview we conducted with one of our lead consultants and his approach to building a generic and configurable file import utility within the Salesforce platform. Alex opted for an approach in which he used Salesforce Flows rather than APEX to give our clients maximum flexibility of change as well as reduce the initial implementation costs.

October 29, 2020

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