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Vertic is team of professionals who have come together on a shared vision to deliver outstanding consulting services within the Australian Healthcare and Social sectors. We have been doing this for over 10 years and have been able to specialise in the services outlined here.
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Project Management

Project management services play a crucial role in ensuring the successful execution of projects, providing a structured framework for planning, organising, and overseeing tasks. These services are designed to optimise resource utilisation, enhance communication, and mitigate risks throughout the project lifecycle.

Key features of project management services include:
Strategic Planning: Project managers develop comprehensive plans that outline project goals, timelines, and milestones, aligning them with the overall strategic objectives of the organisation.
Team Coordination: Effective project management involves coordinating the efforts of diverse team members, ensuring clear communication, and promoting collaboration to achieve project objectives.
Risk Management: Project management services identify potential risks and establish proactive measures to mitigate them, minimising the impact of uncertainties on project outcomes.

Functional Design Team

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Intelligent Solution Design

Smart and relevant digital solution design is crucial for navigating the ever-changing technology landscape. Our approach integrates advanced technologies like the Salesforce platform, automation, and deep sector experience while staying attuned your user's needs and business goals.

With a focus on intelligence and relevance, our solutions deliver a seamless user experience, aligning with the specific requirements of the Australian healthcare and social sectors. This ensures adaptability and efficiency, providing sustainable outcomes for businesses and users alike.

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Maica Implementations

Vertic is the consulting firm behind the Maica application solution, a Salesforce application exclusively focused on the healthcare sector, specifically NDIS and Aged Care.  We have implemented this solution across a variety of organisations, including the following services:
Technical Services: Installation, PRODA API Connections, reference data load, configuration, reporting, and integration development.
Knowledge Services: User education, industry expertise, compliance to government regulations, roadmapping features, and solution training.
Business Services: Process improvements, operational procedures optimisation, government reporting services.
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Ongoing Technical Support

In the realm of digital solutions, technical ongoing support plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations and user satisfaction. Your teams rely on robust technical support services to troubleshoot issues, provide guidance, and maintain the functionality of your digital Salesforce solutions.

We offer you ongoing services once an implementation has completed to ensure the value of your digital ecosystem remains high and functions well across your organisation. This includes, but is not limited to, upgrades, maintenance, ongoing enhancements, and new feture developments.

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Workforce Management

Digital enablement and user training are pivotal components in ensuring the successful adoption and utilisation of modern technologies. Through effective training programs, your users can harness the full potential of digital solutions, enhancing productivity and reducing the learning curve associated with new tools.
Customised Training Modules: Tailoring training programs to the specific needs and skill levels of your users ensures a more effective and engaging learning experience. skills, constraints, and preferences.
Continuous Learning Culture: Promoting an environment that encourages ongoing learning and skill development helps your users stay abreast of evolving technologies and optimally use your digital tools.
User Feedback and Iterative Training: Regularly collecting user feedback allows for the identification of pain points and improvement areas, enabling the iterative enhancement of training programs for better user adoption.


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