Excellence through Sector

Focus and Experience.

Vertic's digital transformation success is largely driven by focus and experience. We aim to be the best in what we do and leave the sectors in which we don't have the relevant experience to be valueable alone.

It is this focus over many years that has proven to be the critical ingredient in our client's success alongside a very human-driven implementation approach.

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Our commitment to the healthcare sector is evident through various strategic initiatives and specialised services designed to enhance healthcare delivery and outcomes as well as our dedicated healthcare solution, Maica.
Tailored Solutions: We excel in developing sector-specific solutions that address the unique needs of healthcare organisations, recognising the diverse nature of the sector with particular focus on NDIS and Aged Care.
Technology Integration: With a keen emphasis on technological advancements, we integrate cutting-edge technologies into our healthcare solutions, including a native integration with the PRODA APIs.
Regulatory Compliance and Security: Recognising the critical importance of compliance and data security in healthcare, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring that our solutions adhere to industry regulations.

Animal Adopter List

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Animal Welfare

Vertic is deeply committed to the animal welfare sector, exemplifying a strong dedication to improving the lives of animals through innovative solutions. With a focus on responsible care and ethical practices, we tailor our services to address the unique needs of animal welfare organisations.

By integrating cutting-edge technologies and adhering to regulatory standards, we strive to enhance the efficiency of animal care processes, promote responsible adoption practices, and contribute to the overall well-being of animals in their care. With a compassionate approach, we stand as a reliable partner in advancing the cause of animal welfare in Australia.

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Fundraising & Social

Vertic's implementation experience has been shaped by fundraising solutions as well as many implementations for social organisations across Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. We have accumulated significant knowledge in this sector including the core functions required to empower social organisations.
Technical Integrations: Integrations with Stripe, Salesforce, Xero, and many others serve as the technical foundation of our fundraising solutions.
Functional Coverage: Payments, recurring donations, receipting, donation pages, and automated failed transaction retrying  are just some of the core functional components we offer.
Marketing & Communication: At the core of fundraising lies donor engagement and we provide the solutions and services to enable this across your teams.

Salesforce Contact List

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Salesforce Digital Transformations

With a decade of hands-on experience in implementing Salesforce solutions, Vertic is exceptionally well-placed to guide and support its clients through digital transformations. Our extensive track record in leveraging Salesforce technologies positions us as seasoned experts in tailoring CRM solutions to meet the unique needs of Australian businesses.

We understand the intricacies of the local market, providing a nuanced approach to digital transformations that ensures seamless integration and optimal performance. Armed with a decade-long expertise, Vertic stands ready to assist clients in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape, fostering growth, and achieving success in their Salesforce implementations.


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